Surgical Dermatology

At Southwest Skin & Cancer we can help manage your skin conditions through surgical means if necessary.  Our doctors are trained in the latest surgical procedures.  Whether you have a small mole, skin cancer, or reconstructive surgery we are here to help you love your skin again.  Some of the types of procedures we preform include all skin cancer removal surgeries, earlobe reconstruction, scar revision and surgeries to remove moles, cysts and lipomas. In most cases, skin problems requiring surgery can be addressed in our office, in an outpatient setting, under local anesthesia, with minimal pain and low risk of complications.  At SouthWest Skin & Cancer we go out of our way to make you feel comfortable and well informed. Each case is different and your dermatologist will decide the most appropriate treatment plan for you, but we want you to be informed of all your options and want the best surgical results for you.

Skin Cancer

Earlobe Reconstruction

Mohs Surgery

Moles, Cysts & Lipomas

Scar Revision

Definitely recommend to all family and friends! They have personally helped me mainly with cosmetics (acne, laser hair removal, etc) and have been wonderful to work with. The staff is caring and listens well to my concerns and needs. The doctors and PA’s are great as well! Helped many family members whether removing warts, skin cancers, or rashes. I definitely would recommend Dr Austin Smith who’s a very sociable, personable guy, or Tim Nowatzke (PA) for anyone looking for a time efficient appointment.

Kylee H.

Frequently Asked Questions

Each condition that is treated with surgery has its own unique benefits and side effects.  We are dedicated to providing you with the best information to make your decision.  Please don’t hesitate to ask us questions.  We are here to help!

Each condition and person is unique, thus the pain you will experience after surgery will be different for everyone, but most surgeries can be done as outpatient with minimal recovery time and minimal pain.  Medications to help with pain can be prescribed if needed.

Some procedures leave little to no scaring after surgery, while some surgeries will leave a scar.  Your physician is available to you to ask any questions you may have about any scarring.

Most surgical procedures should not affect your normal activities and should cause minimal downtime, but some procedures and depending on your unique situation, it may require more limitations or downtime.  Your physician will let you know specifically, in your case, what you can expect.

Your physician will provide you with detailed instructions on what you need to be doing to care for yourself after a surgical procedure is performed.  

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